Puro by Forhans “Argento4TotalProtection” toothpaste 75ml

6,50 inc. PVN

Forhans Gel Toothpaste, Argento4TotalProtection, thanks to its innovative formula, contributes to guarantee a wide protection of the oral cavity. The Colloidal Silver particles help to fight bacteria and germs. The properties of Sodium Sulphate regulate the acidity. The Hydrated Silica helps to remove the impurities from the teeth and together with the Sodium Carbonate, they help to maintain the natural white look of the teeth. The tooth enamel is protected by Fluoride.
Children up to 6 years: use a small amount of toothpaste under the supervision of an adult to minimize ingestion.
If you are taking fluoride from other sources consult your Dentist or Doctor.
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