Forhans “Microfiller” toothpaste 75ml

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Acids, cavities, and mechanical abrasion can erode tooth enamel, leading to microscopic lesions over time. Possible consequences include changes in color and increased sensitivity. The HYDROXIPLUS COMPLEX contains: micro-particles of Hydroxyapatite, the natural component of enamel; Arginine and Calcium Carbonate with filling and anti-plague action; Hydrated Silica to remove impurities; Potassium Nitrate for pain relief.

Micro Filler Toothpaste remineralizing toothpaste, dentin protection and enamel strengthening. Toothpaste with desensitizing action which contribute to rebuild enamel and the proper balance of the oral microbiota. Dental enamel is 96% Hydroxyapatite, an element that can fill tooth enamel.

Forhans Microfiller contains 10% Hydroxyapatite which helps to naturally repair micro fractures and abrasions on the surface of dental enamel.

FORHANS MICROFILLER: the toothpaste helps fight plaque, preventing cavities and giving new enamel protection. Daily treatment.

HYDROXIAPATITE: it can act as a filler on your teeth, naturally repairing micro fractures and abrasions on the surface of tooth enamel.

POTASSIUM NITRATE AND SILICA: Potassium helps reduce tooth sensitivity and decrease the sensation of pain. Silica works by moisturizing and removing impurities that settle on the teeth.

LACTOPHERRIN: an important protein in saliva, it acts in the oral cavity creating a natural barrier against viruses and bacteria.

Paraben- and fluoride-free.
Forhans Microfiller: a daily treatment for the care of tooth enamel.
Warning: Do not swallow; keep out of reach of children.

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