Puro by Forhans “Gold4SensitiveTeeth” toothpaste 75ml

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PURO by Forhans Gold4SensitiveTeeth Gel Toothpaste contains Gold Micro Particles in its formula: this is why its paste is gold! These precious particles, together with Potassium Nitrate, help to protect the dentin and to give relief to sensitive teeth. The combined action with Hydrated Silica, helps to remove impurities and stains caused by drinks, food and tobacco. The enriched formula with Sodium Fluoride helps to reinforce the tooth enamel and to protect it from the action of bacteria and acidic food.
Children up to 6 years: use a small amount of toothpaste under the supervision of an adult to minimize ingestion.
If you are taking fluoride from other sources consult your Dentist or Doctor.

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