Zahim (14), 20ml

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ZAHIM a masculine fragrance that embodies the elegance and audacity of a modern and self-confident man. A perfume with a great personality, woody and sensual.

Let yourself be carried away by the character of a deep aroma that adapts to you and your way of being. A fragrance from the oriental woody family with accords of black pepper and grapefruit.

The fragrance’s top notes include the freshness of grapefruit, combined with the warmth of black pepper. At the heart of the fragrance is vanilla and incense, bringing a feeling of spice and warmth.

Finally, the fragrance settles into a base of sandalwood, which adds a sense of depth and mystery to the fragrance. These notes create a perfect combination between freshness and warmth, bringing a touch of masculinity and seduction to the fragrance.

With this fragrance, any man can express his unique personality and bold, self-confident style.

Fragrance Pyramid Ingredients:

I. Top notes: grapefruit, black pepper
II. Heart: frankincense, vanilla
III. Base: sandalwood
Fragrance Family: Oriental, Woody
Volume: 20 ml

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