Tacón (90), 20ml

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It is a charming and mysterious perfume, perfect for the modern and seductive woman who wants to mark her presence. Its fragrance is intense and long-lasting, with a combination of floral and spicy notes that fascinate the senses and envelope them with its warmth. It is like an exquisite almond and coffee dessert that is impossible to tear yourself away from.

At first you will feel the sensual shade of almonds and coffee. The heart of the perfume is complemented by jasmine and night hyacinth, which eventually flows into a pleasant aftertaste consisting of cocoa and tonka beans.

This perfume is perfect for the colder seasons, for a special evening, a romantic dinner or an elegant party. You will look mysterious, sophisticated and sexy, allowing you to make a lasting impression on everyone.

  • Oriental-floral fragrance for every day
  • Expresses the duality of a woman’s character

Ingredients of the fragrance pyramid:

I. Top notes: almond, coffee, lemon
II. Heart: jasmine, night hyacinth, iris, orange blossom
III. Base: vanilla, sandalwood, cocoa, tonka beans, cinnamon, cashmere wood, praline
Fragrance type: floral, oriental
20 ml

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