Sunset In Procida gift set

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Introducing our exquisite Gift Box, a harmonious fusion of artistry and luxury. Nestled within this opulent limited edition design is a captivating pairing: a fragrant body soap and a meticulously hand-painted ceramic soap dish, both crafted in the picturesque enclave of Vietri Sul Mare.

Inspired by the radiant allure of Procida, the crowned jewel of Italian culture in 2022, this gift box captures the essence of this enchanting island nestled in the embrace of the Gulf of Naples.

Indulge in the Sunset in Procida Honey & Vanilla experience, a symphony of scent and sensation. Immerse yourself in the enchanting, sweetly intoxicating fragrance as you luxuriate in a luscious, silken foam enriched with a harmonious blend of essential oils. This extraordinary soap leaves your skin impeccably smooth, while bestowing upon it a subtle, lingering perfume that dances lightly upon the senses.

Vegan & Animal-free

100% Made in the heart of Italy


Each soap dish is unique and may differ from the one seen in the photo because it is hand painted.

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