Puro by Forhans “Lemon Ice” toothpaste 75ml

6,50 inc. PVN


Not just a toothpaste, but a real multisensory experience. PURO Lemon Ice captures your senses with its bursting mix based on authentic and definite flavors. Lemon and Icy Mint are the “leading actors” of this gel toothpaste that will suprise you like an exciting aperitif! A captivating blend of perfectly balanced tastes with a strong Mediterranean personality: feel like drinking a Lemon chilled cocktail or enjoying a fresh and aphrodisiac sorbet, on the Rambla of Barcelona.
It does not contain SLES, Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, Fluoride.
Children up to 6 years: use a small amount of toothpaste under the supervision of an adult to minimize ingestion.

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