Kese peeling glove

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This is a soft glove that is well suited for problematic, sensitive and dry skin. The glove is woven with a special weave made of 100% viscose, which gives the fabric an abrasive (rough) surface that exfoliates the keratinised layer of the dermis. When wet, the weave becomes more structured and the glove fits the size of your hand. The tiny loops on the Kese fabric do not traumatise or scratch the skin, they help to roll away dead epithelium and remove impurities.

The peculiarity of this loofah is that it requires absolutely no additional soapy products – it is a full-fledged scrub in itself.  It does not contain harmful chemicals. It is recommended to have two different loofahs for face and body (for hygiene purposes).

The kese should be used in short, straight strokes on the steamed skin. Circular movements can traumatise the skin by removing more of the soft and delicate skin than required. The chest, neck, face, inner thigh, and abdomen areas should be handled with care.

The glove not only scrubs perfectly, it also simultaneously performs anti-cellulite massage, improves the work of blood vessels, awakens ingrown or dormant hairs, grinds scars and post-acne marks, relaxes and soothes the whole body. Thus, it unequivocally outperforms both pilling and loofahs.

Attention!!! use the scrub glove no more than once every 7-10 days. Like other scrubs, this kese scrub glove should not be used on affected skin, dermatitis, inflammation, irritations and burnt skin.

Kese care

It should be rinsed after each use. Once or twice a month, a more thorough washing is required. Do not dry it on the radiator, it is better to air dry it.

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