Atom (308), 100ml

60,00 inc. PVN


For those looking for a unique and unusual fragrance, this new unisex perfume represents a completely different choice than traditional scents.

An amazing creation of oriental character thanks to the use of a unique component: “ambroxan”, a derivative of ambra, one of the most precious and ancient materials in perfumery. It is a very strong and persistent fragrance with a sweet, warm and velvetycharacter. The rest of the composition features natural ingredients such as iris and the warm scent of jasmine.

The perfume is characterized by a smooth fragrance and a linear olfactory evolution from beginning to end, with no abrupt changes in the composition. It is truly a masterpiece for those seeking a unique and exceptional olfactory experience.

Ingredients of the fragrance pyramid:

I. Top notes: ambroxan
II. Heart:
iris, ambroxan, jasmine
III. Base:
Fragrance type:
Volume: 100 ml