Royal Denta toothpaste with gold “Gold ” 130g

13,00 inc. PVN



  • perfectly eliminates bad breath;
  • protects against tooth decay;
  • protects against gum disease (gingivitis, periodontitis);
  • returns the tooth enamel natural whiteness.

Use this toothpaste if you:

  • have weak teeth or have wounds in the oral cavity;
  • want to avoid diseases of the teeth and gums;
  • strive for perfect oral hygiene;
  • want your teeth to be healthy and beautiful.

Natural active ingredients of toothpaste “Gold”:

  • 99.9% pure gold stimulates soft tissue regeneration and healing;
  • Chitosan protects against harmful acidic effects;
  • Green tea extract acts as a natural antioxidant;
  • Peppermint gives a natural fresh flavour.

The main characteristic of Royal Denta Gold toothpaste is its composition, which includes gold particles. Gold is an antioxidant and has healing and regenerating properties. It activates tissue regeneration and protects against tooth decay and gum disease.

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